If you love a challenge, you’ll really appreciate Rubik’s Riches

Rubik’s Riches can reward players with up to 18 line payouts, and contains a fistful of special features, as well as a style of gameplay that has never been attempted before in the gambling world. This game has a top jackpot of 40,000 credits, but only if the max wager is staked.
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Rubik’s Riches by Playtech – Unique arcade-style game

Rubik’s Riches is a very unique kind of game, incredibly hard to categorise, but immensely fun to play. Rubik’s Riches is themed and based on a Rubik’s cube, and contains up to 18 line payouts. There are bonus features, free plays and face payouts in this game, which kind of runs like a slot machine game, but is actually far from it.

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Rubik’s Riches will see players able to wager from a lowly 0.10 per game, up to a maximum stake of 10.00 per game. Once the wager has been set, players can begin to play, unless they click on Turbo Mode.

Once the play button has been clicked, the Rubik’s Cube reconfigures, and if players have 3 matching colours on one of the three sides visible to the player, they will win. This is where the game gets interesting, because the more combinations a player has, the more money they will win. Having an entire face in the same colour also results in a different type of payout, called Face Payouts. Light all six latter of the Rubik’s logo and players will trigger a bonus that involves wilds and free plays, or extra cubes on the screen. The lit letters are triggered randomly during play.

The bonus features are quite hard to trigger, given that they are offered completely at random. However, players should have more than enough ways to win in standard play to make that not so much of a problem. If players are going to have a cracking time with this though, they should really be open to new ways to play gambling games, and not prefer the run-of-the-mill slot games, typically offered in online casinos.
Rubik's Riches: This gambling game is unique, it is fresh, and it contains a baffling setup and gameplay options...