Once upon a time, RTG made an online slot called Roberta's Castle...

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair and … what’s that? In the Real Time Gaming online slot, her name’s Roberta? Oh, sorry. Spin away, pal.  
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Roberta's Castle

Our heroine for this Real Time Gaming online slot, Rapunzel, oh, excuse me, Roberta, is a giggly pre-adolescent girl whose heart is brimming over in sticky sentiments. As she pines away in her castle tower with her only companion, her pet cat, observe her laughter and watch the hearts flow when you spin two of her on the reels. Roberta’s Castle’s reels reveal a pair of shears with a lock from Roberta’s hair. Notice the letters are written in calligraphy and surrounded in vines and peas—The Princess and the Pea? Maybe cousins? The cat will also appear along with two turtle doves cuddling on a window ledge and a small hand mirror. The sound effects are radiant and triumphant with flutes and is all things renaissance intermingled with a double dose of some random Disney soundtrack.  And, Roberta's castle isn't the only princess slot out there either, so try a few more.  Sorry Roberta, but you aren't the only one.

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It’s like something out of an old Disney movie: Roberta’s Castle online slot game is a spin-off of the German fairy tale, Rapunzel.

In the Roberta’s Castle online slot game from RTG, the graphics are delicious and bright, cheery and cheeky with a prince charming with a mouth full of pearly whites that sparkles when he smiles.