Win up and over 1000x the stakes involved in Royal Roller

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas! At least that's the whole idea behind this innovate new slot from Microgaming. 5-reels with a certain Royal Roller appeal can win extra generous amounts on max bets. Plus the Roulette multiplier wheel round might just throw some extra money chips your way!
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Way cool Roulette Bonus wheel game in Royal Roller

Lights, camera, high roller! Actually Royal Roller but that's not the only thing you'll remember about this 5-reel slot. Top wins can bring in 1000x the jackpot score with chances to collect on the fabulous money wheel with a very Vegas Roulette feel to it. That's pretty Royal Roller already!

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Oh yea, the whole Las Vegas feel to slots is back again with a totally updated look. There's 5-reels here with a fancy 25 payline spread. One thing you'll need to know about Royal Roller is that it plays serious spins! Play up to 10 coins per line over the entire payline path with 125 coins total. Top stakes per coin can be 50 cents although conservative penny wagers per coin are also allowed. Now you can see why a 1000x jackpot win is so much of an impact. Wait a second, there's even more to tell!

The Wild symbol will help in making substitutes for matched wins, while a Royal Roller scatter makes multipliers from each that are landed on the reels. Up to 50x the pay if you happen to get 5 of them. Even better, is that if you land more than 3 on the first 3 reels it triggers the bonus roulette wheel round. That's where extra amounts can be won when you spin 5 times on this multiplier wheel.

Are you ready to take the ultimate plunge into some 5-reel spins? Multipliers and money wheels wins are just the start. In the game of Royal Roller, you might even win that big jackpot on a single lucky spin!
Two games in one make anyone a real Royal Roller ruler...