Roulette! with special features for varied ways to play online

The Expert History button in Roulette! Online table game reveals the six most=hit numbers, called ‘Hot numbers’ and the six least-hit or what are referred to as ‘cold numbers’ over the past 250 games.
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Roulette! -- So exciting they had to give it the exclamation point

Love Roulette but want a little variation to your favorite game? Try Roulette! It’s the next generation of gaming excellence from the Player’s Suite® of games by WagerWorks and IGT. Click and drag the bets you want to make straight from your computer screen with online Roulette casino games with style and authenticity.

Play for real money 100% safely at these licensed and fully regulated online casinos:

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Bets include single bets and making strings of bets. Simple remove bets by clicking undo. Types of bets are Inside Bets, Neighbor Bets, Advanced Bets and Special Bets like Red Splits, Black Splits, Red Dragon and Black Dragon. Once satisfied with a bet click save pattern and then play. Clear pattern after any game to rebet.

Other special game features for playing Roulette allows players to adjust speed, graphics, sound, neighbor bets and advanced bets according to each player’s preference.
When the ball lands on the number wheel and players have a bet covering that number they win. Bets are paid according to the paytable.