Fancy a real challenge? Try American Roulette with the double zero

Roulette is actually a bit of an incorrect name for the title. Since this is not the definitive version of roulette, but actually, American Roulette. That point aside, what you have here is the American double-zero game, with a heightened house edge working against the player.
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Essentially American Roulette with nice graphics and more

Before you play this simple roulette game, you must decide what kind of game you wish to play. Your decision will alter the minimum and maximum wagers in the game. Once that is sorted, what you are left with is a pretty bare bones, if appealing roulette game. This game is based on the American Roulette variant, and so there is the nasty double zero included though.

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Players have a wide range of chips open to them in the bottom right hand corner of the screen, which include chips ranging from 0.50 to 100.00 in total. The minimum stake is always 5.00 per bet, whilst at its most expensive; it can cost 100.00 or 250.00 per spin, depending on what game you have chosen.

Most of the common roulette bets are included in this American roulette title. Straight up bets, split bets, street bets, corner bets, line bets, five bets, column bets, dozen bets, 1-18 bets, 19-26 bets, red or black and odds or evens bets are possible. As with all roulette games, once the ball has been dropped, it is down to luck. Either the player will win or lose their bet, depending on where that ball lands in the roulette wheel.

Why play this, when you can play European roulette is the question? The player has less chance of winning, and the top pay-out is only 35:1. Other features included in the roulette title include the ability to have a quick spin, see the history of the previous spins, and switch the views in the game, for something that works for you.
American Roulette online by Amaya gaming: Larger house edge, superb graphics, less chance of winning than in European Roulette...