Ready to take the stakes higher with $1-$500 video roulette?

Get ready for the long road to riches with playing the Roulette 1-500 roulette wheel table game. As the tension builds, you might hit it big or just end-up with even money. As everyone knows, this wheel brings-out the devil in everybody. Play it cool and you can see some return wins.
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Play up to $500 bucks per stake in this high-roller roulette game

A high-roller delight is ready to play anytime with a little bit extra offered for playing. Try out the Roulette 1-500 video roulette table and see the difference it can make. Two sections allow you to play the original French board or the classic European style layout.

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Nobody likes a sore loser, this is why this wheel of destiny is supporting wagers that give range for everybody in mind. The video roulette game of Roulette 1-500 is open for business anytime.

Play from a simple buck per bet up to a wild maximum 500 dollars per bet. Special tips on the left side tell you which numbers are hot or cold, it also keeps track or the last numbers played. Take a look at the special bets which cover special combination strategies you can play.

Or you can just keep it simple with the easier bets that take-on the colors and numbers only. You may have the best luck playing with lower wagers for more spread-out wagers than a single larger bet placed on one or two of the board. Where is that ball going next? Trust your gut and use some common sense, this wheel sometimes knows exactly what you're thinking.

Run wild for the winning combination on this roulette table. There's also great tips for any number of combo picks. Just try it for demo play anytime just for fun.
Roulette $1 to $500: Don't sell your soul just yet, this wheel offers bonus stake tips!