Ride the tracks of Roller Coaster Dice Arcade Game up and up

It almost feels like an ascent up a roller coaster in Roller Coaster Dice as players attempt to reach the top prize of $30 by correctly calling 10 rolls in a row whether higher or lower. It's a casino carnival Arcade thrill ride. Stop and collect along the way or ride the coaster to the top.
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Roller Coaster Dice

It’s a Playtech Arcade game called Roller Coaster Dice, a chance game where players roll the dice and try to correctly forecast the outcome, will it be higher or lower? Win up to $30 for 10 correct calls in a row. Stop and cash out at 7, 10 or 13 if Roller Coaster Dice is just too high for you to make it to the top.

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Bet on whether the next roll will be higher or lower or the same. The game immediately ends with a wrong guess but a player can progress up the tiers to the highest paying out amount. Get 10 correct picks in a row and win 30 times the original bet. Players may stop and collect before reaching the top prize at either 10, $7 or $13.

An arcade game by Playtech, Roller Coaster Dice has a carnival cute theme with a pair of virtual dice that raise the stakes higher and higher.
Play Playtech's Roller Coaster Dice Arcade Game for a carnival casino thrill.