Get yourself the Eye of the Tiger with this solid instant win game

The Rocky scratch card might not have the sense of excitement as a real boxing match, but this pick and win style scratch card game offers a top prize of $37,000 if the player wins with the maximum wager, and that isn’t to be sniffed at.
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Rocky instant win game: Boxing, battling, big payouts and more

Good old Sly is back in this Playtech designed scratch card game, based on the hit film series Rocky. This scratch card is more of an instant win game, than a typical scratch card as such, as it contains a number of “matches” that need to be held, with opponents that need to be fought. But it is labelled as a scratch card, but ultimately it is up to you to determine if you think this Sylvester Stallone game is more of a pot-luck instant win title, than a scratch card.

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Wagers are very easy to sort out in this instant win game. Players can choose to stake either or between the minimum wager of 0.20 per spin, upwards to the maximum bet of 100.00 a pop. That won’t affect the fighters that you get to choose from though.

Once your bet has been placed, it is time to pick your fighter. There are always three to choose from, and these fighters are known as Apollo Creed “The Master of Disaster”, Ivan Drago “The Siberian Bull” and Clubber Lang “The Southside Slugger”. Once you have selected your fighter, the match commences and either you will win the bout, or you won’t. You’ll find out in no time at all, as behind the scratch window is a short video clip from the Rocky movies, with either a winning price, or “no win” text.

Getting ready to rumble would be a lot easier if you didn’t have just a 1 in 3 chance of success. Yes, occasionally, players have a 2 in 3 chance of success, although most of the time, they don’t. That is a big ask, for an instant win game that lacks any real sense of excitement, and has a top wager of 100.00 a go.
Rocky: Instant win game, involving pick and win style scratch features, 1 in 3 chance of success...