Play Robot Butler online slot, hit jackpot, buy real robot butler

If you mashed the Will Smith movie version of “I, Robot” together with “The Jetsons” and squeezed out the essence into an online slot, you’d probably get something like Robot Butler.
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Robot Butler is serving up jackpot dishes on a silver platter

Playing on the fantasy of many an online slots player (hell, many a citizen of the 21st century), Robot Butler brings to life a servile automaton to do your bidding – if only in online slots form. The Robot Butler online slot is pretty much another example of what we’ve come to expect from Microgaming software. It’s an engaging enough play, its reels peppered with technological gadgets of the future and a poker run done up in a font they must call “Space Age.”

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Now come on, who wouldn’t like an Robot Butler? Until you can afford one, the online slot version is a decent diversion. This science fiction-themed video slot has a free spins feature, and the cleverly-titled “Robot Butler feature” is awarded when the title character appears on reels 1 and 5. Hey, it may not be the most exciting theme for a bonus round, but at least you don’t have do the housework.

Robot Butler is one of three online slots games released by the folks at Microgaming software this month. Other January 2010 releases include Arctic Fortune, the slotside tale of Viking invasion, and comic book character Hellboy’s game.