Spy Game. The new online slot from Rival Software

The Spy Game logo is reminiscent of Bond’s movie titles with the gun embedded in the text, with clear-crystal sound effects (including a pleasant sound to indicate when you’ve won) and a definitely appropriately matched soundtrack.
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Relive your James Bond fantasy in Spy game

Indicative of James Bond, spin this slot while bullets whiz through the air every time you turn up a gun on the hyper-speed reels and move farther ahead on your secret spy mission with Spy Game slot by Rival Software.

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Spy Game slot is loaded with video clips to keep you on the trail and whenever you spin three identical pictures in winning combinations you will get turned on to a short flick of a busty brunette in a red bra who will give you a very dirty look. Cruise in your spy vehicle and shoot guns at oncoming traffic from the hood  or maybe you may want to enjoy a rocket launch off if it’s a triple set of cameras.

Take shots of very important data vital to the advancement of your mission.  The top secret file is the WILD and opens up to complete any kind of combo win. The scope of your sniper rifle will circle in and cross over your winning combinations indicating more easily how and why you won.

This online slot game is easy to play and fun with a map to look at how far you’ve come and how far you have left to go. Once you hit three guns the free spins mode is activated where the winnings from ten free spins will be multiplied by four.

Try to assemble a bomb during that time to get into the bonus round. Assembling a bomb is the first level. Decide which building to plant your bomb in: a chemical factory, a power plant, a warehouse or an operations factory.  Watch the troops come in after the alarms have sounded but you are aces, your mission is complete! However, this action-adventure slot continues.

Now spin for four more free spins to be multiplied by four and then head down your roadmap for your next assignment. Assemble your sniper rifle in your second mission during the free spins round once you have the Super Spy Agency paper from their top secret file. The paper will tell you how you’ve been compromised, the guards are on to you, take them down with your sniper rifle.

I earned 2700 credits with the shoot down of two guardsmen and then moved on to my next mission: to get the necessary spy materials for the next mission.  During this free spins round, I gathered a rope and hook to climb with, a getaway car and jet in this mission. While spinning the reels to get into the free spins round, the car icon is replaced by a bomb icon and during its short clip, watch the red buttons flash and hear the bomb tick, time is running out!

So now you’ve got all the items you need, the brunette is keeping the car running for you to race off and disarm a bomb in the final and third level—cut one of four colored wires: red, green, blue or yellow, which one will it be? I picked green and got 4800 credits!  Play again, but now it’s time to start back at square one, which is fine, as every good spy story never ends. Keep the mystery going with real cash to fund your next vacation, you’ll need it after all that action!

In Spy Game online slot, feel free during the video snippets to also open up your spy suitcase (notice the sound of the latches being released) and take out your bomb, get served a martini or be pursued by a dapper, raven-haired James Bondesque character who has a little flirty maneuver to try on you when he comes to life in his debut to the screen.