Grab that cash with both hands and make a Stash (of the Titans slot)

In honor of the Stash of the Titans slot game release, herewith a list of some of Live Casino Direct's favorite Titans: Chronus, Oceanus, Hyperion, Phoebe, Saturn's largest moon, and Tennessee.
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Stash of the Titans

Though PR touts Stash of the Titans as based in part on the 1981 feature film Clash of the Titans, it’s mostly about the slightly less liberty-taking traditional figures of ancient Western myth. Stash of the Titans is packed with symbols mostly all oddly happy and cash-centric. The satyr is laughing (OK, he’s probably often laughing) and despite the fact it would seem to have little cause to smile, what with his position as the underworld’s Doberman, tri-headed Cerberus wears three grins. All in all, the symbols are simultaneously creepy and compelling – just like actual Roman gods and goddesses! – excepting curvaceous Medusa, that is. Forget the mirrors and just stone me, baby!

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When five Medusas pop up, you could find yourself on the proper end of a 200,000-coin, $84,736 maxium payout. Gameplay in Stash of the Titans itself is smooth enough, though the intricacy of some symbols may require a double-take on payouts. Love the lute music and fanfares, too. All in all, Stash is another nice Microgaming contribution to the slots world sphere. LCD wishes good luck to you on your journey, Perseus. (And no, not the cheesy Harry Hamlin version.)

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Stash of the Titans slot, with Titan-ic 200,000-coin jackpot payout possible.