Horror-themed Scary Rich 2 video slot is something else

Following up Scary Rich with a sequel, the Rival Gaming brain trust apparently decided to do something completely different and created the Scary Rich 2 slot game. The second edition of the popular franchise is way scarier, way more effect-laden and just straight-up more hardcore, you know?
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Scary Rich 2 slot -- Where classic horror icons come to play

Blood and gore and screams in depths of dark -- sounds like a fun slot to me! Y’ever seen a successful horror movie without a sequel these days? Thought not. So why would a successful horror-themed online slot go sans offspring? It wouldn’t: So here’s Scary Rich 2. Among the stars in this bloody production are a Beetlejuice (but, like, a bad one) figure; a take on the titular scaremonger of Stephen King's It; a Lon Chaney-looking dude; a living dead Elvira (mmm, Elvira); glowing-eyed black cats and gray rodents ... you get the idea; it's a murderer's row (so to speak) of horror lore icons.

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As the reels are spun, an old knife drags rivulets of startlingly red blood down the columns as a malevolent piano chord trills. It's actually a strangely hypnotic effect not done proper justice by this writeup.

Meanwhile, just when rigor mortis threatens to overcome a run of cold reels, the bonus round is tripped to (ahem) liven things up a bit. When the vaguely DC Comics horror-looking guy appears, he opens a coffin to reveal ... well, lotsa WILDs.

It's Scary Rich II. Slots, man!

Good thing, too, because (cue ominous music)... Though you noticed nothing at all... Being too distracted by the game... You turned quickly, but too late to realize... You almost... Ran out of money!

(Music crescendos: Jing, jing, jing, jing from that jarring Psycho score. Screams, splash of red, fade to black.) 

Reckon someone at Rival Gaming decided a horror-themed slot game should be, you know, less cute than the highly successful albeit non-horrifying Scary Rich. The Scary Rich 2 online slot is definitely one for the fans.
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