Doggies abound in the Spike's Nite Out slot game

In the Spike's Nite Out slot game, several breeds of dogs are out carousing -- partying, smoking (really), beating up cats ... you know the drill. Also of note: this online slot packs free spins and a bonus game.
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Spike's Nite Out slot -- a 15-payline casino game for dog lovers

Meet Spike, the poker playing dog. He's the star of the Spike's Nite Out slot, one game that's definitely for the dogs -- but that's a good thing, allowing slots players to fetch a bonus payout of 10,000 coins courtesy of Spike and the boys.

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In Spike's Nite Out, Spike is a poker-playing dog; does that fairly well sum it up for you? The caricatures on the symbols in Spike’s are pretty funny; you gotta love the Chihuahua with lotsa chips and the tied-up kitty cat. (So he doesn't wake the owners up while the canines smoke all the Cubans and quaff all the beer or what?)

When three to five scattering “DOGGY TIME” symbols appear, the bonus jumps from 2x to 10x to 20x to 100x, perking up a game with some long empty stretches; the bonus game is some fun. All in all, it's an OK tribute to that classic American artwork “Dogs Playing Poker.”

The casino's going to the dogs with the Spike's Nite Out online slot game. Grab a 100x multiplier in reel play, win some free spins or enter the bonus "pick 'em" round for serious coinage.
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