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All the trappings of America’s pastime are here: well-worn mitts, cleats and batting helmets; peanuts, popcorn and cola (amazing how food has come into equal level with the actual game itself these days); and good ol’ baseball cards, including the rare “MVP Dan Fiore” rookie card.
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King of Swing

Dig in at home, step up to the plate, and take your turn at bat in 25-payline baseball-themed King of Swing, a July-appropriate release from Real Time Gaming and one of the company’s better online slots in months. Though pretty typical in gameplay, King of Swing has some amusing animations to get you into the game with this sports-themed slot.

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The terrified, bonus-multiplying baseball flying out of the park (and into outer space, apparently – must have been that Bo Jackson All-Star Game strike) is hilarious, and tripping a pair of pitcher symbols induces him to throw at you, making the only time you’ll cheer for a WILD pitcher while you’re batting. And baseball cranks will truly get off on the homerun derby-type bonus round. Your batter faces nine pitches and is awarded with free spins and bonus multipliers depending on his success at home plate. All in all, King of Swing is more fun than a doubleheader at Fenway Park and is RTG’s best game of the summer. So buy me some peanuts and crackerjacks, sweetheart.

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