Naughty? How so?

LCD isn't exactly sure why this 5-reel 25-payline game is called Naughty Ninjas, precisely. The adult-style naughtiness pretty much stops at the vaguely suggestive title character’s moniker of “Bubbles.” (In actuality, Naughty Ninjas looks a lot like a old comic supporting character Elektra.)
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Naughty Ninjas

The storyline appears to feature some sort of alien invasion – at least three races, one of which is distinctly monoid reptilian, in a combined force – with only poker-playing ninjas left to defend the Earth. Or something like that. Otherwise, Naughty Ninjas is pretty standard stuff. The SCATTER here is a “ninja star” which can magically appear in the third reel and make for some nice free spins and bonuses; a max $20,000 jackpot is promised. Deadly quick. LCD rating: 7/10.

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Naughty Ninjas is pretty standard stuff. Line up Bubbles or our nameless manga-looking hero for the bigger payoffs, then the alien dudes, next the standard A-K-Q-J-10-9 run.

A $20,000 maximum jackpot may be all the naughty you need in Naughty Ninjas slot game.
An Asian martial arts fiasco with 'naughty' ninjas waving their weapons for $20,000.