Monster Meteors slot game: Space-faring action at the online casino

The Monster Meteors online video slot game is a 25-payline game on which five coins may be wagered per line ... but forget all that, in the video bonus round, you get to blow up little alien dudes! Cool!
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Monster Meteors video slot -- with alien-killing video bonus round

In Microgaming's Monster Meteors slot game, it’s old-school space opera with ooky-kooky aliens, nice scary-looking extinction-level event-sized scattering meteor, and somewhat ineffably unnamed square-jawed protagonist.

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Things go pretty much in standard Microgaming fashion in the big company's 25-payline Monster Meteors slot game, with the standard sound effects and a curvaceous ‘n’ colorful poker run; damn, the poker craze has extended to the far reaches of the galaxy now, it seems.

The bonus round is hilarious, allowing the player to gleefully explode little mostly harmless-looking little green aliens. Harmless, did we say? Hey, messily blowing away three of those space boogers scored us $236.20 on $1.25 thanks to just seven spins at 9x multiplier. Survival of the species, baby! 

Come on, Microgamers! Surely you could have come up with something for the heroic figure starring in the Monster Meteors slots game. How about Han Slotto? Or Captain Jean-Luck Pickacard? Or Bucks Rogers?
A long long time ago, in an online casino far far away.