A lackluster spin on the Olympic Games

Even though the saving grace might appear to come in a bonus round ruled by an interesting premise – the SCATTERing wreaths trigger free spins, the player is awarded one “medal” and the bonus payout increases accordingly – this comes up more rarely that a non-virtual Olympic medal in India.
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Medal Tally

Yet another spin on the Olympic Games is Medal Tally, one of seven online slots produced by software designers Real Time Gaming in August. The good news is that this one is about as exciting as an actual Olympiad; the bad news is that the particular Olympiad in question involves a boycott of half the world’s nations for political reason.

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Heck, you can't even vary your bet in this game -- players must pony up exactly $1 on every spin. LCD has wondered before just how long the recent slew of Olympic-themed online slots will attract any players at all now that the Michael Phelps show – we mean, the 2008 Beijing Games – are over. 

(At three medals won in the Beijing Games, India was dead last in medals per capita at one per 382,665,299 citizens: Too bad cricket’s not an Olympic sport, eh?)k.
Here’s to guessing that Medal Tally won’t last long at all.