The Fat Lady Sings ... a song of slot gaming fortunes

Bet up to five coins per line on 25 paylines in Fat Lady Sings, an opera-themed online slot from Microgaming. That's right: opera. Not manly enough for you? Okay, play Hitman instead.
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The Fat Lady Sings, opera-themed online slot game from Microgaming

Any opera lovers out there? Check out the Fat Lady Sings slot game from Microgaming, a classy, colorful new offering that brings Puccini’s music into online slot land.

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The concept of opera is clearly too big – sorry – to cram into one online slot machine, so Fat Lady Sings seeks to incorporate three classic styles into the game. Our dueling prima donnas come from Chinese opera, classic European and Germanic.

Fat Lady Sings is pretty standard stuff for Microgaming, a solid 25-payliner with fanciful riffs of classical music and a hilarious video round: Sing a strident enough note to shatter a whole lotta glasses while determining number of free spins, bonus multiplier and bonus win. And now it’s over. 

Get some culture, will ya? Okay, just a little: Try the Fat Lady Sings online slot game -- maybe after popping in a Puccini album...
Hitting all the high notes in The Fat Lady Sings slot game