Star Trek slot, another game to try with a science-fiction theme

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Space and aliens are a common theme on slot machines today

In reel play, things in Cosmic Quest are certainly fast-paced enough, with the rocket blasting off to leave a trail of WILDs in the thrust’s wake is one of the livelier bonus runs out there. The comic book-like graphics mostly work, but the animation of our vaguely John Glenn-looking heroic astronaut’s spacesuit melting off is just plain silly. On the other hand, the possibility of same happening to the gravity-defying curves of the sexy female astronaut (the game calls her “The Pink Pilot,” but LCD has informally dubbed her “Sally Ride”) kept LCD playing longer. And thank the Rival Space Agency for that, because spinning three Sallies opens the game-in-game, or the “Asteroid-Blasteroid Round.” That’s right, children of the ‘80s: The slot disappears for a good old-fashioned shoot ‘em up video game. Better yet, LCD gets to kick the facts learned back in the day of 25-cent arcade games: Stay low when possible, don’t get forced into a corner, and nail that space bar like a bongo-beating monkey on amphetamines. Now this one will get LCD coming back for more. When’s Episode Two coming out? LCD Rating: 9, 8, 7, 6, 5...

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Putting sci-fi into iSlots results in fast-paced play and a bitchin' game-in-game shoot 'em up.