Roulette grafted with Devil’s Game in Reely Roulette video slot

Wager between 1¢ and $10 per payline across 30 lines in this interesting mashup of roulette by Leander Games. Each spin allows the player to side-bet on a mini virtual roulette wheel – what number will land in the middle of the game board? Plus, the bonus round allows players to wager on three wheels at once! Crazy.
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Reely Roulette online video slot – A combo of slots, wheel games

Time for another casino mashup from Leander Games. This time, the software creator/producer seeks to combine elements of The Devil’s Game within the slots milieu, including allowing roulette-style side bets and the insanely exciting “Multiple Wheel Roulette” bonus round.

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It might have been more accurate to call this one “Reely Mini Roulette,” but it might not have proven quite as attractive. Reely Roulette is similar to Leander Games’ poker-based slot in what should probably be referred to as the “Reely” series: This one seeks to combine elements of the Devil’s Game with the old-fashioned slot machine. While the results aren’t quite as fantastic as in Reely Poker, roulette fans will surely love the nod to their favorite casino table game – and the opportunity to make intriguing roulette-style wagers while the reels spin.

The symbols here are the numbers 1-12, appropriately colored red or black, plus wilds and bonus symbols; in terms of payout, the numbers are basically lower-paying down the scale. Five 1s on an active payline is worth 700x bet, for example, while five 12s gets 100x on this result.

In the “Spin the Roulette” feature, the player can wager based on the result appearing in the middle spot of the third reel in traditional roulette fashion, i.e. red/black, 1st six/2nd six, even/odd, etc., on any given spin. Proper players will set combinations for every spin, and the payouts are similarly scaled to those at a real-life roulette table.

The bonus croupier symbols appear in reels three through five. When three land in a single spin, the “Multiple Wheel Roulette” bonus begins. The player is given 12 chips to play with on a single spin of three to five roulette wheels – that’s enough spinning to make even seasoned players dizzy.

Is it a roulette-y slot or slottish roulette? No matter, both feature in Reely Roulette. Get your fix of two games at once during your next visit to the online casino.
Maybe they could have called it “The Devil’s Slot Machine.” (Or has that already been used?)