Taste the hair of the dog that bit you, in Red Dog.

Want to be a real risk taker and walk the streets like a real dog without a chain? This is your chance to bark the loudest and play the game for more than just kibbles and bits. Whats you spead gonna be, you have some high bets to make and now you can bark-out the rules here!
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Red Dog - online poker table game by NYX

Here is a game that is simple yet interesting how it works, you are dealt 2 cards and the 3rd card must be in between the two numbers that are dealt in order to win. It’s a little bit chancey but full of unexpected possible turn-outs that can be your real pay out.

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Did you ever feel like you were inthe middle if something really big while playing a card game. That moment when you see the hand building and it can make a straight flush or a matching pair? Then this game is lots of chances to see that trick of these cards taking form. The rules are really simple to follow. Once you set your wager for this hairy game you’ll see two cards dealt in front of you. There might be a higher and a lower depending on the cards in this deck. While the third card is the mystery here, will it fall in between the first two that were dealt or not. If it does, you win that round. If not and you have an equal pair it’s a tie and you get paid out for the value of that pair only. It’s quite a game if you like to be daring and act like a real red dog.

Who knows where the best places are to mark your territory are going to be. Is this the spead that will break just a tie or give the dog his day in the sun?
Beat this dog until it learns a totally new trick.