Swim away with a max jackpot of 30 grand in Rapid Reels

The picture on the game might spell-out a whirlpool of winnings in cash but lets face it realistically, You might get one of 5 chances to win this jackpot if you stake all 5 paylines before starting. With 25 cents up to 5 bucks per line is allowed, so be sure to be creative in your spins nonetheless.
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Hold onto these Rapid Reels with five different jackpots

While the typical 3-reel is not everyone's cup of tea, the simple plays and uncomplicated sounds are certainly the kind of original thrills that keep these pub slots alive. Win upwards of 6000x the stake for mere pennies with 4 more jackpot amounts that may be won here as well.

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It's not entirely fair that they place two guys swimming in a rubber boat, among a furious torrent of money swirling around them. But then again, you might imagine that these 3-reel spins can produce that kind of excellent cash flow like a flood busting loose! Not only that, you have 5 chances to win the jackpot amounts across each of the paylines available. They are all different amounts so you might win 1000x or the maximum or 6000x your winning stakes back. In addition to that little bright spot of hope is the Wild Symbol.

This is the Rapid Reels icon and it will actually substitute for any wins it creates. That's still a plus as there are no other bonuses offered except that Wild. All the typical symbols found here are 7's, bars, and cherries. These win as a single symbol if there's only one cherry on the reels. Bars may be played in any combo and still get a collective prize of 4x the stake. Have fun, as this 3-reel contains simple pleasures through and through.

Here's a playing hint for you. The 5th payline is the top winning jackpot line. Make sure that wager is loaded on any spin. What can you lose except a chance to win!
The wild symbol in the Rapid Reels classic slot can make substitutes too!