How high can you go with Rally Hi-Lo online slot

Think you know where the next number will happen to fall? Race to the finish, with the need for hi-lo speed! Rally Hi-Lo online slot rewards good guesses with higher amounts won at each check-point your reach. Top wins reaching 30% bonuses along the way.
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Rally Hi-Lo slot features percentage bonus checkpoints

Wild and weird, the biggest Rally wins has to be the Rally Hi-Lo online slot game. Make a stake and guess if the next number will be high or low. Correct guessing takes you to the next stop. Bonuses are earned at each major check point.

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Lost in the desert racing around for the maximum cash wins isn’t some far-fetched concept. Rally Hi-lo slot game is straight forward hi-lo game fun. There are only 20 check points to reach in the game. At selected spots shown on the race course map, a percentage boost is offered if you guess correctly.

Along the road you can win 10%, 20%, even 30% bonuses for making the right hi-lo guess. Stakes for this game begin at 5 cents and upward per game played. The maximum allowed is 50 dollars for each game. As you correctly guess hi-lo numbers the amount won is tacked-onto your total winnings.

Often confusing and seemingly obvious for some high or low answers, this game runs from a random generator. No pattern can ever be found, so luck plays into every guess that you make. Luckily for you, demo play makes it possible to try this game before any serious stakes are wagered for real.

Rally Hi-Lo online game puts you right in the race for instant wins for the correct guess you make. Finish the course and collect the rewards!
Rally Hi-Lo online slot puts you in the Rally Race for hi-lo wins!