Quick Seven: A new spin on online blackjack games

Quick Seven is an intriguing table casino game developed for online play by OpenBet software developers. At first, Quick Seven appears to be another blackjack variation, but do you know how to play a “dealt bust”? And when should you place a “hazard bet”? Try it and see!
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Quick Seven table casino game -- Variant of blackjack online

Not just a blackjack variation, Quick Seven is a whole new evolutionary step in casino table gaming with a style of play similar to 21 – except this time you’re playing to 7 and starting with just one card. This one’s a surprisingly fun and addictive table game indeed.

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In the new-fangled card game Quick Seven, the gameplay is similar to that of blackjack, but the rules get interesting after the deal. The basics are as follows.

The objective is to get a hand with a value as seven points as possible without going over. In terms of scoring, numbered cards keep their face value, while jack through ace are all worth one point apiece. Dealer stands on five or higher.

And here’s where the deviation begins. Upon receiving an 8, 9 or 10 on the first card, player or dealer automatically has this discarded and gets another card.

One discard is always possible after any number of cards. With a “quick seven,” i.e. a 7 on the first card you may challenge the dealer; this simply doubles your bet before the dealer's hand is formed.

When the player receives a “dealt bust,” i.e. two consecutive 8, 9 or 10 cards, he/she may place a “hazard bet”: Double your wager to bet that the dealer busts.

For those seeking an interesting new online casino table game, the advice is easy: Try the deceptively difficult Quick Sevens for a fun and habit-forming play. This definitely ain’t, as they say, your father’s blackjack game.
In Quick Sevens online casino game, beat the dealer but don’t bust...