Wherever you bet the stake you stand to win in Punto Banko Pro

Like taking risks in a deal that doesn't have to be that hard to spot? Play the Punto Banco Pro casino table game for card hands that might just win or lose. There's no wrong way to play it unless you play at higher stakes than you really should have!
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Punto Banco Pro table game -- Baccarat at online casinos

As simple as making a wager for winning with a 50/50 odds to win. The only trick is which side you should choose to play from at the Punto Banco Pro casino table game.  Player wins 1:1 Payout, while the Banker takes a 5% commission for any win. Play the tie to win up to 8:1 payout!

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The game that even James Bond was amused to play. How does it work exactly? Punto Banco Pro is a casino table card game where either the Player or Banker can win. You decide which side will win simply by betting on each side with a wager. Use a dollar up to 20 bucks max bet in each hand played.

Winner is determined by the cards adding up to a single number. All cards from 1-9 are counted as their total number while kings, queens and jacks count as zero.

A ten is still a zero, and an ace is worth 1 in this game as well. Landing the total high hand will win the total amount unless there is a tie. All bets are returned since this is a push. If you bet on a tie and win, you can win 8:1 for the stake wagered. There's not much else to figure-out since any side can be a big win.  

What's life without a little risk worth playing for? Punto Banco Pro is merely the same as Baccarat, except the name is different. Odds are the same with great hands on any stake you decide to use.
Punto Banco Pro HD: It's the same as Baccarat with some slightly changed names involved...