Choose which side you'll root for in Punto Banco Privee baccarat

If it makes you feel more like James Bond to wear a smoking jacket at this table, then go for it. The hands dealt in the Punto Banko Privee casino table game merely depend of your mood overall. Any side can be the winner unless you pick the tie win.
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Punto Banco Privee: Push the limit of your best guess, win big

When it comes to style and high rolling, there's nothing like a game of Baccarat to soothe the soul like the Punto Banco Privee table game.  Play from 10-200 bucks per hand with odds to win with either the Banker, player, or even a tie bet paying 8:1 on a whim.

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There's absolutely no dress code at this smartly dressed baccarat table, so your sneakers won't offend anybody by playing just for fun. If you want to have some real excitement, you'll have to try the real plays as well. All wagers at this Punto Banco Privee baccarat table, are budgeted at a conservative 10 dollars per hand up to an easy 200 bucks for higher stakes. There's a couple of routes to go when playing this table. You can wager for the Banker, or for the Player.

The Banker will take an additional 5% from your win, since usually the Banker is the winner, or try for an even win of 1:1 pay on the Players cards. Anything with the top number added up from the total number of cards dealt will take the win.

Unless it's a push (a tie) and you keep your bet. If you happen to bet for a Tie win, the pay is 8:1 for any level of money that's bet. 

Step outside the box of traditional table games with a few hands of Baccarat. One game that doesn't require so much thinking but can pack a powerful punch when higher stakes are played!
Good news about Punto Banco Privee online baccarat: The cheap 1970s space-porno music is optional to turn off...