Where-ever you go look out for the Punto Banko

Don’t sweat this game much when it coms to making difficult decisions. You have merely 3 ones to make and the rest is up to you when you decide to chose which house is gonna rock the higher card deal. If you can stand the tension, this is one game that is worth the attention.
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Punto Banco - NYX software's American version online card game

Though it sounds a bit confusing at first, this game resembles a sort of roulette game based on the higher number bet upon. You bet that either Punto or Banko will make the higher natural number for the win. You can also place a bet for the tie. It’s all in the limit you decide to play.

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It sure does sound confusing but the reality is that it’s not hard to play at all. You have 3 bets to place, either Punto, Banko, or Tie. There is really just 3 that are waged on this game. The outcome is which card hand will end-up having the higher hand that wins and from that bet, you can win from that bet placed. They are called ’naturals’ for the cards selected and you’ll see which you decide to bet upon. In the event of a tie (which is common) the most normal payouts for winning bets placed are zero through five which pays 9:1. And then  six through seven pays 9:1 with a tie bet paying 8:1. Odds are not all that bad considering this is 3 chances to plays the cards that you’ll chose the outcome of the higher hand chosen. How high can you go, it’s all in the cards.

Three choices are not hard to make but if you like things nice and spicy, you’ll love this hot game where you side with the player or the banker or the same.
Kick this game around for some authentic jumping wins.