Higher stakes make Punto Banco Batticuore Privee even hotter

In the Punto Banco Batticuore Privee casino table game, all you have to bet is that the Banker or the Player will win. Wager amazingly high amounts up to 1000 bucks per hand or just play it cool with 20 bucks respectively. If you like chances, this is your lucky day.
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Try Punto Banco Batticuore Privee for even more chances to win

One of the few games that most people never even know how to  play,  Punto Banko Batticuore Privee casino table game is really is version of Baccarat that offers a twist on your playing odds. Come and try your hand for free to see if you like it.

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Unlike other table games that you1ve seen before, the game if Baccarat is oddly enough a great game for thinking thrill seekers. With a higher wager level offered, the Punto Banko Batticuore Privee casino table game allows up to 1000 bucks per hand at the top stakes used. You can still play with a minimum 20 bucks per hand which is somewhat stiff for low-rollers, yet well-worth the wins when you do hit a winning streak. Take a side for either the Banker or the Player, or even make a guess that the game will end in a Tie.
You stand to win even money with the Player, though the Banker will take a 5% commission on their side if you route for them. A tie bet pays 8:1 and is more of a chance you have to think about than anything else. There is also a push which allows you to keep your money on any side played. The music is rather silly and can be turned-off if you don't like to hear the random jellyfish jazz music in the background.  

You can't go wrong with just a guess, unless you happen to guess at the wrong time. Table Baccarat for the finer high-rollers who love the thrill of winning bigger.
Punto Banco Batticuore Privee online casino game: You're getting a lot more out of the typical baccarat game than you think!