Add some more thrills from the Punto Banco Batticuore table game in your day.

If you happen to like poker, this Punto Banco Batticuore table game has nothing on making a wrong move. Pick a side and wager a bet. You might end up winning big on the higher cards overall. And you won’t even need to have a poker face to win as all!
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Pick either side for a chance to win big in Punto Banco Batticuore

Once again we visit the quirky table game of Baccarat with a different name altogether. The Punto Banco Batticuore table game is suited for all who like to be different with their bets. Here you can take any side for a chance to win on any stake played.

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No wonder James Bond is such a big fan of this game. Destiny is merely a chance that can change it all. In this case, if you happen to play the Punto Banco Batticuore table game for those reasons, you might do very well indeed. Set the stakes playable with a 2 dollar wager up to perhaps 100 bucks if you like to play the hi-roller aspect of this game. Each side can win however the Banker will take a commission on your win.

This is fine although most people will choose the banker since he wins more often. A tie bet will pay better with 8:1 odds to win, while it’s a long shot to win this also. Keep that kind of wager to a minimum unless you can feel something about that hand played. Silly background music can be silenced easily enough, whereas any chip wagered before the deal can be replaced by pressing the chip “X” marker. Live dangerously and play to win even if it’s for fun.

Where does the action at this table start? With wagers as low as 2 bucks per hand, you already found the best odds to win. Pick your side and see where the chips may fall.
You don’t need to be a smooth operator with this kind of Baccarat game.