The Punisher makes his first appearance in the gambling world...

The Punisher might not qualify as a superhero, but he’s along the same lines. His online scratch card though is very normal, with a 3x3 grid offering 9 windows of hidden symbols, which can permit a player to win upwards of $100,000 in real money.
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Punisher scratch card: Superhero saves the day with range of goodies

The Punisher scratch card really is one of those stereotypical games, albeit an online and digital version of one. It looks little different though from one you might pick up at a corner shop, aside from the graphics of course, which in this Playtech designed title are fair to say the least. The Punisher scratch is another one of Playtech’s Marvel inspired online instant win games, and it offers 6 possible symbols at a whole range of different wagers for players to play.

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Starting out with a default and minimum stake of only 0.20 per game, players can actually wager up to 100.00 a time with this game. However, if they wish to play continuously, without break; players can choose to wager on up to 50 cards at once. Then after every card is completed, the next will automatically start up and play.

Like any typical scratch card, there are 9 windows present in a 3x3 grid in this instant win game. The objective is the same as offline and land-based scratch cards too. Players are given a set of symbols (6 in this game), and they must match 3 of them anywhere in the windows, to win the prize that is designated. You can’t really get any simpler than that, can you?

The icons used in this instant win game all contain multipliers, which when 3 like symbols appear, will be multiplied by the stake to give you your winnings. So, to start off with, you have an Uzi, which is worth a 1x win, a pair of handguns is worth 2x and The Punisher logo is worth 10x the stake. Better icons include the axe wielder for 20x, the knifeman for 50x, and The Punisher himself for 1,000x the stake.
The Punisher: Another big titled franchise scratch card from Playtech with $100,000 top prize...