Ditch the witch, and avoid the cat, in Prince Charming slot

The instant win game requires that the player pick from three frogs, with one of them turning into the aforementioned prince, and earning the player the prize, with the other two amounting to nothing.
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The Prince Charming instant win game by Pariplay – Pick and win, with this simple Pariplay game

It just wouldn’t be a Prince Charming gambling game, without a frog would it? However, the backdrop for this Pariplay instant win game features a pond and a house -- not exactly what you’d call a fairytale setting.

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Gamers playing Pariplay’s Prince Charming have a simple one in three chance of success. The total jackpot that can be won £100,000, although for other wins, there is no sure way of knowing how much you are going to be competing for, prior to buying a ticket, because Prince Charming doesn’t have a fixed sum per wager that you can win. Each prize is offered randomly throughout play, per game, so you’ll either find yourself wagering for a decent prize, or a massive one, at random.

]Players can begin wagering on the Prince Charming instant win game, from as little as 0.10 per game. The wagering limit can be raised, so that a gamer can play as much as 10.00 per game, but that is as far as that goes.

Once the wager has been set, the player will probably then want to know what it is that they can win. This can be determined by looking at the rock in the pond, for it reveals the prize a win will yield. Three frogs will appear on lily pads. If the player guesses incorrectly, they will encounter an ugly witch, or a black cat. Should the player win, then the frog will transform into a childish looking Prince Charming, and the prize will be theirs for the taking.

Graphically, Pariplay’s Prince Charming instant win game isn’t too shabby at all. It is all nicely done, with the winning and losing icons both appropriate and slightly humorous. All in all, Prince Charming is exactly what you would want from a simple instant win game. It is easy to play, offers a fair chance of success, and doesn’t take itself too seriously.
A new take on the age-old fairytale of the frog who becomes a prince