Time to pick the winning pony in the Premier Trotting horse race

Funny names with tongue-in-cheek meanings go hand in hand with naming a private boat. If you know how to bet on these ponies, you won't end-up sunk. Try your luck at the Premier Trotting horse race slot and see who's coming in first, or last... Find it all right here today!
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Premier Trotting -- Horse-racing video game-style action

So you think you know how to bet on the ponies when it comes to horse racing? Surely there's some skill involved, right? Try your guess who comes in first or just who's in the show. Whatever the outcome can win some rewards that are always lucky in the Premier Trotting horse race slot.

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Table games are all about the odds of winning, but betting on a horse in a virtual slot, can this actually work? If you view the horse and the rider stats, you might find the answers more valuable than previously thought. To start a race, select which horse or horses you want to win or place. Their odds to win are clearly shown and the amount for each horse can be set while viewing their stats. After that selection you press the race now button. When the race is finished, the horses selected will tell the final outcome and pays will be decided.

If you're smart and lucky enough, the field in which the race was run, will have a direct impact as to how the horse will do. Not unlike roulette, this game is all about knowing your horse and what conditions can be favorable. Even the riders show what kind of skill they have. What a day for a race! 

Sit back and pop a bottle of bubbly while you bet on these expert horses. It might take longer to set the game, but it's worth it, if you love playing to win.
Premier Trotting casino game by Microgaming: View the stats, and make a guess as to who wins all in this race...