Premier Roulette: A gem of an online casino game with rich graphics

For the serious online roulette player, Premier Roulette makes an excellent choice. Loaded with features for both high-rollers and casual casino gamers alike, this online roulette game is but another feather in Microgaming-powered outlets’ caps.
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Premier Roulette online casino table game -- Microgaming software

It may still be roulette, but the “Premier” in Microgaming’s “Premier Roulette” belies a great new format for the online casino game that presents the oldest casino game in a whole new interesting light. Combining 3D and standard 2D graphics? All in a day’s work for the folks at the big software company, one supposes…

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The main kick in Microgaming’s Premier Roulette online casino game is in the design, which enables the player to enjoy the visuals of “The Devil’s Game” in a whole new way. First, you may customize the table by choosing a wheel of black or brown and also the table’s virtual felt may be made green, blue or red to your liking. Choose either “fast” or “slow” speeds to pace the game as you desire as well.

Once play starts, Premier Roulette shows both a 3D view of the roulette wheel and the traditional online casino representation of the table in a flat view. It’s quite the aesthetically pleasing development, and Microgaming even has more tricks up its sleeves.

Also included in the Premier Roulette online casino game are the “Video Zoom” feature allowing a nice closeup view of the winning ball a la “Run Lola Run” and the “Win Details” feature which naturally gives a breakdown of all winning wagers, amounts staked on each, payout ratios for each and the total amount won: A real boon to those covering lots of space on the roulette table.

In the Premier Roulette online casino game, change the colors of the table, choose the speed of play, enjoy 2D and 3D views of the action, and check out your wagers in the “Win Details” feature.
Premier Roulette online casino game by Microgaming packed with features