Enter the world of Aztec-themed video keno with Precious Anuran

Yggdrasil has chosen to give this video keno and instant win game a bit of an Aztec feel. It offers 80 balls plus 1 special ball, and a total of 20 calls will be made, with the player able to match anything from 1 to 12 numbers. The jackpot in this keno game is approximately 50,000 coins.
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Precious Anuran keno game – Ancient bowling brought to life

Precious Anuran is a kind of video keno game, which has been designed and developed by casino software developer newcomer, Yggdrasil. This particular video keno instant win game is slightly bowling in theme, as well as being Aztec in nature, at the same time. When gameplay starts a giant stone frog shoots out fireballs onto the moving maze of stone balls. If the numbers you picked (or had randomly assigned) are struck in enough number, you will win a payout.

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Precious Anuran will permit players to choose anything from 4, 8 or 12 picks per game. Once they have selected the amount of picks they wish to use, and either picked the numbers they want, or had the numbers randomly assigned to them, they can select their wager, which will range from 0.20 up to 50.00 per game.

As stated above, play will begin and the giant stone frog will shoot fireballs from its mouth that will scorch 20 of the stones. The more correct numbers of yours that are scorched, the more money you will win. It varies greatly, when playing with the 4, 8 or 12 pick games, how much can be won and how many numbers you need to match to win. Similarly, the amount you can is also greatly affected by the amount that you have decided to stake.

The special ball is the burning fire in the centre of the maze. If the flame from the giant frog statue hits the fire in the middle of the maze, the player will win extra fire bolts, which are also known as extra balls, as well as trigger multiplier mode. In multiplier mode all hit numbers are thrown back into the draw, and if they are struck again, they offer multipliers which will be added to the overall winnings after the game has concluded.
Each of Yggdrasil’s instant win video keno games is unique, though this is the best of the lot