Blackjack, oh, I mean, Pontoon

Pontoon is just another way to say ‘Blackjack’ where players win 2 to 1 against the dealer when the dealer does not have Blackjack. Aces are 1 or 11, dressed cards 10, remaining cards according to numerical values – exceed 21 and bust and lose wager with dealer winning ties.
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Pontoon by BetSoft

Another Blackjack card game, Pontoon is a multi-hand version played with 3 hands simultaneously. A Sweet 16 bonus side game gives players a chance to win more credits. Play against the dealer with 8 decks used with the goal to beat the dealer out for 21. Get the closest to 21 or receive 21 with the first two cards and receive the highest payouts.

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Almost identical to classic Blackjack, Pontoon varies in these aspects: Pontoons received after splitting still count, the player may stand on any total greater than or equal to 15 and will automatically stand on any 5-card hand. Other differences are that the player may hit at any point after doubling, the player may double on 2 to 4 cards but only once per hand. This option includes after splitting.

Winning player pontoon on 5-card hand pays 2:1 with all other player wins paying at 1:1. Dealer hits soft at 17 and if there is a push, the dealer wins.
Play against an online, virtual dealer in the Blackjack variant called Pontoon.