Pontoon is back, better than ever in delightful aqua blue table game

Real Time Gaming’s Pontoon table game is a breath of fresh air for UK players tired of playing blackjack online. This title is very similar but has just enough subtle rule changes to make it hugely entertaining for gamers seeking something new. Pontoon pays out 2:1 in this game.
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Pontoon table game – Because why should you settle for blackjack?

Set against a stunning blue table backdrop, Real Time Gaming’s (RTG’s) Pontoon is a solid blackjack variant game. Very popular in the United Kingdom, this Pontoon release is played pretty much the same as blackjack, although there is no insurance option, the player is forced to hit on hard 14, and the dealer will win all ties. The cards are also dealt face down.

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There is a good range of chips available for use in RTG’s Pontoon table game, although the player must still place a bet that lies somewhere between the minimum stake of 1.00, and the maximum stake of 200.00 per hand.

Despite a few subtle changes in the rules, Pontoon is still pretty much identical to blackjack, in that a player must make or get as close to 21 as possible. This is done with the cards in the deck. Aces count for 1s or 11s, and face cards count as tens. All other cards count for their numerical value. If the dealer beats your hand or ties it, you lose. If you beat his, you will win.

Players can split any pair, though if they split a pair of aces, then they draw a card with a value of 10, it still counts as Pontoon, in a rule different from blackjack. Players can re-split only once and must draw to splice aces. Players can also double down on any first two cards, if they make another bet equivalent to their first, and can double down after the split.
A classic Pontoon card game makes its debut from RTG, complete with all the rules