Bring on the chilling wins worth 5000x the stake in Polar Explorer

Can't wait to explore the frozen wastelands of 5 reels yet? The Polar Explorer is the perfect pick. And if you like progressive wins, they have 2 of them that can be won at anytime of the game. Of course you're only paid at the end of the game and it's just a percentage of your collective spins.
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Taking you breath away with Polar Explorer progressive jackpot

Better grab is big mug of hot chocolate and a parka while playing this Polar Explorer 5-reel slot, it's time to really chill-out. Anyone who loves adventure slots is bound to find something special about this game. Bonus rounds, progressive wins, even a feature spin default pay bonus!

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Leave it to the experts to design a 5-reel slot that contains so many bonuses, it will make your fingers numb getting to them. Here's the short and sweet info about Polar Explorer 5-reel. It has 25 lines which carry the burden of 1 penny stakes up to a 5 dollar pack on each of them. The Substitute Explorer is used as the sub-symbol who is spying on you at every chance he gets with his spy glass. Kind of creepy, but it doesn't take away from the game.

The Ship symbol will award multipliers when 3 or more are landed on the paylines. As you can see behind the center 9 reels is a snowflake. If this is lined-up in your spins it will trigger one of two feature games which result in free spins and various multipliers on those spins. If you don't get these games in less than 124 spin, you'll catch a break on the 125th and start one of them by default.

If you've played for 124 spins and haven't triggered the feature game, it will automatically give the bonus game on that next spin. Aren't they thoughtful about giving that little bonus?
Like these icy spins stacked with wilds, it can happen here!