Let the good times roll with these lucky Poker Dice

Just like a poker face player, you’ll have to play this game. You get 3 options to play with quick results that are easy to see on the payout board. Roll the dice 3 different way to get instant payout plays. It’s big casino action dice rolling thrills with Poker Dice on your hands.
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Poker Dice - online dice game by OpenBet

Poker dice is fast and simple to play, you get 3 options to play with quick results that are easy to see on the payout board. In this classy style design for poker dice, this game is easy enough to play if you like the single play mode or go wild with double and triple dice modes as well.

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Start with you bet and decide which mode to play. You have 3 to choose from. The first mode is very simple and once the dice are tossed the end result is shown what hand you have rolled. If it’s a winning hand the amount of the bet and the combo of the dice itself will show up on the right side of the board. This can pay out immediately. If you decide to play the 2 to 3 roll games then the stakes of the game change to allow you to hold certain dice in order to build a better hand in that round. Click on the specific die to move it to the dock area and hold it there until you decide to use it in that round. When you have used the dice thrown for one round it will continue to the next round to be played with the docked dice selected.

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