Big Royal Flush win worth 4000x the stakes in Poker Bowling Strike!

This little guy at the top of the game knows his time is near. Any Poker Bowling Strike bonus card can begin a bonus strike that is worth up to 5000 coins on your added wins. Plus the advantage of a Royal Flush without a Joker is worth 4000x the stake when playing the 5-coin maximum.
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Get a Poker Bowling Strike card in your hand and win a possible bonus!

Poker hands with a bowling twist, can this really be serious? Well in the poker slot you have the ability to play all the popular hand that can be generated and more. Land the top win and the top stakes award up to 4000x the amount. An extra perk is the Poker Bowling Strike bonus wins.

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How on earth does bowling fit into video poker anyway? If you like this concept then the best way to think of it is simple. An Poker Bowling Strike bonus card in your hand is worth a shot at landing up to 5000 extra coins on any hand played! Each coin played in this game is easy on the pocketbook with only 10 cent per coin. Upwards of 1 dollar also stand-in as higher stakes with a 5 dollar max for any hand played. Aces and pairs make the easiest of low-end wins, while 4 of a kind with a joker, and royal flush without with joker are the top shelf winning hands.
By playing the max of 5 coins, every win is increased to the best imagined payouts. Even the auto play setting allows up to 500 hands that may be played one after another with expert settings for budget caps and so on. Hold what you like and discard what might not hold water. When any of the bonus cards appear in a hand you can win extra coins that might just bowl you over!

Talk about bowling for dollars, this unique poker slot game has a bonus round that might land a real big strike indeed! Easy wins with two pair and aces still win even money.
Poker Bowling Strike is more than the average video poker game.