Call the shots to win with Poker 3 video poker hands, 40:1 win

Use those skills of being a real gambler in the poker game which uses just three cards. Poker 3 video poker is simple to play while charming enough to play for hours on-end. Win up to 40:1 with a Straight Flush hand. Wagers don’t have to be big to win!
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Poker 3 video poker puts the gambler hands on your table

Here’s the kind of game that Kenny Rodgers was singing about all those years ago. Know when to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em is all part of the Poker 3 online poker table game. Win up to 40:1 for a Straight Flush hand! Ready to Ante-up?

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Put the poker face back into the poker table game arena. Even though this is electronic poker, it still holds-up to the fun of what poker is really about. Yes it’s true, here you can call the bet if you have a hot hand. Poker 3 video poker is unlike other online games.

Ante the first part of your bet. Use chips to select the amount played. Anything from 10 cents up to 100 bucks may be used per chip. Selection of the cards is made easy since you may discard the hand you have or proceed further by playing the Call bet.

If your hand shows something (which is automatic), then the choice is yours to call the dealer for their hand. If you win return coins go to your ante and the call bet. Special combos increase the amount for the pair plus bet. Having an ace in your cards is the risk you take to pull in excellent winning potential. Try it today!

Poker 3 video poker allows you to play the three card poker hands just like the pro’s. Easy call bet might score you extra winning power at this table.
Poker 3 video poker turns back time to Old Western poker hand deals!