Plunder the Sea Instant win card by Microgaming

Plunder the Sea with Microgaming’s instant win card which involves popping bubbles with your cursor which is even more addictive than popping bubble wrap except win big money with these bubbles.
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Oceanographers take note for ocean animals in Plunder the Sea instant scratch card

A nautical scratch card with darling cartoonish electrical eels, seals, water slugs, sea turtles, octopi, blue whales, goldfish that look like Angelina Jolie, killer whales, manta ray, starfish and Jacques the Shrimp from Nemo that are revealed after popping bubbles. Match 3 sea creatures and pop the biggest bubble to win up to 200 in the treasure chest. Stake between 50c to $10.00 and begin to plunder the sea with the blue whale with the top tonnage of prize rewards at 20,000.

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Make your wager and then either pop all 6 bubbles all at once or one at a time. Click on the bubbles manually with your cursor or else push the reveal all button. Each sea creature has an amount attached to it. If 3 are matched they will be multiplied by the treasure amount. The largest bubble contains the treasure chest and will either automatically pop if you pressed the reveal all button or you can pop it on your own either before or after popping the other bubbles. The top treasure prize is 200.

These sea creatures are bold characters with 3 matched symbols worth up to 20,000 with a treasure chest multiplier of up to 200.
The blue whale is the heaviest paying symbol at 20,000.