Titillation, innovation, imagination missing from Playboy

Don’t believe the hype. The Playboy online slot game may include the famous bunny logo and promise babes aplenty, but the resemblance to the famous magazine-based empire stops there. Does Hugh Hefner know about this? (Cue sound of Larry Flynt’s derisive laughter...)
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Playboy slot – “243 Ways” game with bonus rounds

You’re probably reading this because you recognize the Playboy brand name. Unfortunately, you should prepare yourself for disappointment because, to put it plainly, simply nothing in this online slot is reminiscent of the world-famous brand except for the trademark bunny logo. No sexiness, no nudity; hell, not even those famous articles that men worldwide so notoriously picked up the print edition of Playboy magazine for…

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Making matters worse in the Playboy online slot is an utter lack of innovation of the part of Microgaming, typically the world leader in online casino game creativity. So this thing’s a “243 Ways” slot, i.e. any three matching symbols landing on the first three reels are winners, but half of Microgaming’s new releases these days employ this scheme.

Winning combinations cascade, with each paying out symbol disappearing and replaced with new ones, but this feature too is nearing commonplace status in online slots. The promised “Playboy Club” bonus feature is little more than free spins with multipliers; other features are added along the way but only after multiple hits of three or more scatters. Big deal.

The top payout of 1.215 million coins seems pretty impressive but since this can only be hit in the fourth level of bonus rounds, approximately 1.216 million coins may be necessary before it’s won – and most players are certain to grow well bored of this lameness long before then.

And even if one were to accept the weak-ass arguments for not allowing at least toplessness for the would-be gorgeous Playboy “bunnies” filling the reels, couldn’t the game designers at least have employed, you know, actual photographs of actual women? Instead, the red-blooded males seeking the “eye candy” promised in PR get primitively illustrated ripoffs of Lindsay Lohan types. What exactly did the software company get when they contracted this brand name?

The verdict: Lame, lame, *lame*. Or maybe that should be “limp”…

The 1970s are definitely over: Not only does the Playboy name no longer carry the cachet it once did, apparently association no longer guarantees quality or even sexiness. Forget this game which might as well be called “Reel Beauty” or “Guys and Gals” and wait instead for the imminent release of the South Park slot. It’s almost hard to believe more impressive adult entertainment can be found in a scatological humor-based cartoon...
Playboy online slot game by Microgaming: Limper than a Viagra addict whose supply ran out last week...