The Pirates Dice instant win game– Play a pirate-style game and win with dice

Pirates Dice is played over 4 boxes (or sets), each 3x3 in size. The player must match dice in the boxes to win, with the top non-progressive jackpot being worth 250 coins.
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A Pirates Dice game is just the ticket to some golden booty

Pirates Dices is a pretty simple yet creative fixed odds game, where players must match up winning dice to win money. It is not the most complex title ever created, though it does offer players a different experience when gambling online.

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Wagering is pretty cheap in this game as players can stake just 0.25 per turn. If you want to splash a little bit more cash, wagers can cost you as much as 5.00. Thought that is hardly going to bust your bank.

Once the dice start appearing you can select where you would like them to be. There are four 3x3 grids on the screen and clicking on a skull will put those dice in that respective box. Your goal is the match up three or more dice in a winning combination in a single box. The more matches in different boxes you have, the better the prize that you will win. It is possible of course to have a box that contains entirely the same dice symbols.

Although this game is relatively similar to other dice games made by this developer, this one happens to be more entertaining. Perhaps it is the pirate theme, or perhaps it could be the big winnings. If you are going to play fixed odds and dice games, Pirates Dice could be the one for you.
An entertaining enough instant win game, with truly great prizes at stake