Pinball Roulette – fusion game that is an absolutely joy to play, and full of excitement

Pinball Roulette draws many parallels with bingo, lottery and of course pinball and roulette games and throws them all together in a fun-filled dose of instant-win arcade gameplay.
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The Pinball Roulette arcade game by Playtech – Fusion gaming

All numerical wagers that come good in Pinball Roulette payout at 2-1 odds, so there isn’t ever really going to be a massive jackpot at stake in this arcade game. However, Pinball Roulette is more about fun that winning big money, and on those grounds is an absolutely dream to play. Such an original idea as putting a pinball machine in between a traditional roulette board and roulette payouts, is a classic example of how fusion gaming can work.

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Pinball Roulette features a roulette betting board, a pinball ball screen which bounces the ball around a bit, and then a roulette wheel at the bottom to collect the ball, and the number.

Player make wagers in Pinball Roulette much like they would on any other roulette themed game. The player has a series of coloured chips (ranging from 0.10, 0.50, 1.00, 5.00, 10.00, 25.00 and 100.00) to choose from, and then play them on the roulette betting board. A wide range of roulette style bets are available for this.

Once their bet is made, players can opt to play the game in turbo mode, repeat the bet, or select auto play. They can of course also just play a single game. When they do so, a ball is dropped into a pinball style machine, and eventually it makes its way down to the rotating conveyer belt at the bottom. The number the ball falls on will correspond to the “roulette” number called.

The wagers are quite interesting in this arcade game. The usual number wagers are possible, as are first 12, second 12 and third 12 bets, 1-18 bets, evens, odds, red, black, 19-36 and neighbouring bets. The added twist is the fact that the pinball approach the ball takes might just screw you out of your hard earned winnings! It’s exciting action all the way!
Fusion gaming, no real big jackpot, fantastic fun