Classic spins in the Pina Nevada 3-reel whip up the latest mix of tasty wins.

Not everyone likes fancy chic drinks, but these are hard to turn away with so many chances to win the jackpot across any of the paylines. Stake it up and drink it up! This time you'll have the Pina Nevada classic slot to decide who gets drunk on wins first!
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Pina Nevada paylines offer five fancy mixes of jackpot awards

Here's the classic slot version of the Pina Nevada slot series that defies the 2-drink minimum. Actually, there is a 5 coin limit which can produce jackpots of all denominations across all the paylines here. Can you take the spins all night long to win them all?

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Enjoy the full flavored spins of the Pina Nevada classic slot selection. Even though this game is a 3-reel, you'll have a great chance to win from any of the 5 jackpots offered. It all starts with playing from 1-5 coins that are priced differently based on your budget wagered.

This amount can be 1, 5, 10 cents in the low roller category, and 25, 50, and even 1 dollar in the upper hi-roller class of coin stakes. The jackpots that can be won, don't change either way. The total amounts that are won, are usually better when higher stakes are placed.

Try it in demo mode to see the payout odds. You will find that the neon sign for Pina Nevada is Wild in this game. Any two matching symbols with a single Logo will win from this substitution. If you like mixed drinks, any drink combo of symbols shown can still win a coin amount. To top it off, landing any olives on a toothpick once or twice wins 1-2 coins by itself. Drink up!

Are you ready for the drink-off game that makes perfect sense to play? Try a taste of all the combinations offered, even if you play the demo game or not.
There's no drink limit at the Pina Nevada classic slot, ever!