Piggy Bank slot - squeal for a jackpot round with 3 different wheels

An unexpected pleasant surprise is what I found in Piggy Bank casino game. At first glance what appears to be a typical cartoonish and somewhat childish game, Piggy Bank provides an enjoyable break from the usual suspects. The game provides many opportunities to win money not typical to other mundane slot games.
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Crack those piggy banks for casino coins in the piggy bank bonus round

In Piggy Bank slot in the Bonus Rounds, where the real money lies, the pace of the game seems to stay in a constant rhythm.  If you’re looking for more than the typical “vanilla and chocolate” types of games, Piggy bank will certainly fill that role.

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To play the Scatter bonus the player needs at least 3 Pig symbols.  With this, the player smashes one of the 3 Pigs revealing the winning amount which can be up to 125x their total bet.  3 or more Bonus Pigs starts the Bonus Game where each symbol awards an amount of Luck on the Luck Meter.  Smashing Pigs until you run out of Luck provides the player up to 25x the total bet per smashed Pig. The Jackpot round takes players to three different Wheels (Bronze, Silver and Golden) with a chance to win varying jackpots.  With the ability to select when the wheel stops spinning, the feeling becomes more interactive for the player.  

With its 5 reel paylines and typical payouts, Piggy Bank offers the standard range of opportunity, but beyond that when getting into the Gamble round, the player has the opportunity to double or triple their money while having the ability to play 10 times in succession if you don’t lose. During this time, the player also has the option to collect his winnings and head back to the game.
Piggy Bank slot not only offers many opportunities to win money but does so by providing some fun interaction other than just pressing a button.