Mysterious and impulsive plays worth 10,000x the big win

Dig-up extra chances to win even after the balls have fallen where they might have gone in Pharaoh Bingo. Your chances of winning anywhere from 3x-10,000x the stake is up to your total stake played. Even high rollers can play up to 40 bucks per round for a royal treasure win, or not.
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Play up to 4 cards at a time in Pharaoh Bingo from Microgaming!

Oh joy of joys, the Bingo card has cometh again! If You're in Bingo and like the ancient Pharaohs, Pharaoh Bingo is your game of the day! Play up to 4 cards per round with a chance to score 10,000x or more on each card top win. Is it possible, why certainly!

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Little is known about the ancient bingo plays of the Egyptian culture. It is known that the Pharaoh had a love for getting wrapped-up in things, especially after they died. Time to unwrap something that might shed a few more bones in your bingo plays after all. Pharaoh Bingo shares a screen that allows up to 4 playing cards for round. Place a stake on each from a simple 10 cent wager up to 10 bucks per card. That's only 40 bucks per play and there is 4 chances to win.

Guess what is even better? You can purchase extra balls, up to a total of 10 to extend the game in addition to winning something. Sadly they place a higher wager for each extra ball you purchase. It's risky but at a 10 cent wager per card, that's only 9 cents per extra ball! Balls are emptied from the Pharaoh tomb onto the cards themselves and the game is a fast play even for Bingo. Try it for fun at least!

Mummies, bingo, and extra balls that come at a price. If that doesn't sound like a curse ready to strike, we don't know what else does. If you love Bingo, this is where it starts.
Here's one mummy who knows how to curse Bingo so well...