Shoot the winning goal in Penalty Shootout arcade game

What are the odds that you might know some of these famous fellows? In this case it’s time for some Penalty Shootout arcade game fun! A virtual game based on fixed odds with excellent collective stats to base your wagers upon. Who wins is up to you!
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Penalty Shootout arcade game matches you favorite football teams

A little more than those ongoing virtual sport games, the Penalty Shootout arcade game allows you time to choose the right players. Select the team, study the stats, and make the stakes. Who makes the winning goal is not just from random luck. Check it out!

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Those into soccer themed sport games will want to play this game. Using fixed odds for each player, the Penalty Shootout arcade game is not so hard to play. You select your favorite team and run through the stats. Even change players if you don’t like the line-up.

However for each game you’ll have a total of 5 penalty goal kickers. Figure if they can make the shot or not. Stakes involved show the possible payout for each bet made. Once the round is set the players get ready to shoot for the goal. This is the only part that takes too long, so be patient.

You can skip ahead to other players who you want to see kick a goal. Once the final tally is done the summary is shown for total payouts. This shows how you scored overall. To start a new penalty shootout, simply press for the same team, a new team, or new players.

Penalty Shootout online arcade game is where soccer and virtual games join forces. Come and bet your team can make the penalty kick win bigger today!
Penalty Shootout online arcade game with a real kick for soccer fans!