Just a roll of the dice becomes your own personal Paradice

Trust in an ancient game from the far east, where players wage battle against the Phoenix and the Dragon. These two mighty symbols clash against each other in a way that brought luck and riches to those who believe in their mystical powers. You can become the master of Paradice in the mordern age.
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Paradice - dice game by OpenBet - your destiny in your hand

An ancient game from the far east where players would wage battle against the Phoenix and the Dragon using dice. The two mighty symbols could clash against each other in a way that not only brought luck but riches to some who believed in their powers. Now this ancient game is back and yours to play!

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In terms of how it works is really simple, the highest number wins between the two sets of dice. You bet which one will have the outcome. a little bit like Roulette- there are pretty much the same options. You can bet even against odd. High against low, 2-3-4 of a kind, split bets, corner bets, and also betting on the added sums of the dice including a total sum bet.  If you like dice games than this is a great chinese twist with an actual history behind it.  You can view the payout odds by scrolling over the numbers on the table and any winning you take in get tabulated in the right hand corner. Choose your sides and roll the dice, who will win depends on your bet bet, but if you follow your best judgement you’ll beat the odds each time. See who is the true master of Paradice!

Two symbols against each other in an epic battle of dice. Bet your two sources of power into unlimited riches and wealth. As they did hundreds of years ago, you can do the same in this modern-day version of Paradice.
Pair your dice into a real Paradise