Seven cards’ worth of magic in highly addictive Pai Gow Poker

Real Time Gaming has produced a nice version of the classic casino table game Pai Gow Poker for online play. Wager $5 to $100, take up your seven cards and pray to whatever gods you hold sacred that you won’t have to say “pai gow” (“nothing”).
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Pai Gow by Real Time Gaming -- Table game at online casinos

One of the most sneakily addictive games in the virtual house of the online casino is Pai Gow poker. Real Time Gaming’s version of the classic is quite a nice play and looks great on the reproduced red felt of the playing surface.

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Those who have played Pai Gow once will never forget the way it works. Dealer and player are both dealt seven cards with which to make one five-card poker hand and one two-card hand. Jokers are included in the deck, but can only be used as an ace or to fill in straights and flushes. The only rule about splitting the hands is that the two-card hand must be of lower rank than the five-card hand.

Either player or dealer must win both hands for money to change hands. Otherwise – and by far the most common outcome – the game is ruled a “push.”
The minimum and maximum bets in RTG’s Pai Gow Poker online are $5 and $100, respectively, per hand.

Pai Gow Poker in the online version is well done by Real Time Gaming in deep reds and with quick play. Helpful instructions keep the game moving as well in case you’re a first-time player.
Pai Gow Poker rules – play online now at RTG-powered internet casinos!